Men's Straight Up Cotton Boxer Brief

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Style: Men's Boxer Briefs
Gender: Male
Sizing: Asian Sizing. Size up 1-2 sizes for US/EU
Rise: Mid-Rise
Pattern: Solid color with contrasting seams and waistband
Material: Cotton, Spandex
Features: It's probably the second most asked question we get here at Frundies. Do most guys point their penis up or down in their underwear? While it's really a matter of personal preference, most traditional "pouch-less" designs can be worn either way. Designs with a comfort pouch are usually designed to be worn with the penis pointing downwards. The Straight Up Boxer Brief features an innovative front t-pocket pouch designed to support your cojones while allowing your John Thomas to comfortably point upwards. So go ahead boys and aim for the stars!

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