I Just Wanna Fly, or Do I? A Men's Underwear Fly That Is...

I Just Wanna Fly, or Do I? A Men's Underwear Fly That Is...


Mens Underwear Fly - Over the Top or Through the Gate?

It's the age old question, raging on early Internet forums to r/askmen on Reddit. "Do you use the front fly on your underwear?" Or, to put it simply, do you prefer to go over the fence or through the gate?

The history of the fly as a functional part of men's underwear dates back centuries. As the modern zipper wasn't developed until the 19th century, many early garments had openings or flaps up front to give the wearer access to relive themselves. Some 15th and 16th century suits of armor even featured a removable codpiece up front.  These resembled a modern day jockstrap and cup to provide more protection to the groin area while still being removable.

Understandably, questions about the fly, or lack thereof, on our men's underwear is a frequent question for our Frundies customer service team. We thought some of our observations might justify a blog post on the subject.

First, we conducted an informal poll based on our customer contacts and it appears that just over 25% of our customers prefer men's underwear with a fly. Why, you ask? Here are just a few responses:

"It's there, why not use it?"

"I usually wear a belt. It's a pain in the ass to undo the belt and buttons first when I could just unzip and go."

"Some guys don't use it??"

But the underwear fly guys did have their preferences. While most preferred underwear with a vertical fly, several left handed men in the group complained about the opening usually being on the right side. Fortunately for them we stock several styles of underwear with easy access for both right and left-handed  wearers.

vertical fly underwear

Classic Vertical Fly Underwear


Still other fly guys preferred horizontal fly underwear. Men's underwear with a horizontal fly allows them to go over the top and through the gate.

So, what about the majority who don't use the underwear fly you ask? Here is a bit of their logic:

"Just pull down and go. How hard is that?"

"I've tried the fly, but I always feel like I'm fumbling around to much down there in public."

"Hells no. Even if there is a slight chance I'm gonna get caught in that zipper, I'm not taking it!!!"

These guys will be happy to know that we stock a variety of men's no fly underwear, from no fly boxers to trunks, briefs, thongs and g-strings.

No Fly Underwear

 No Fly Underwear

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