Men's Fabric C-Ring

SKU: 45116462-black-one-size

Stlye: Men's C-Ring
Pattern: Solid Colors
Gender: Male
Size: Dual Snaps 16cm and 18cm
Material: Nylon fabric
Features: If you're new to c-rings for men this is the best place to start. This c-ring is made from super soft and comfortable nylon fabric and includes two snaps for adjustment. Unlike glass or silicone rings, the snaps allow it to be removed easily when required. C-rings can be worn a number of different ways. C-rings can be worn to enhance your bulge. By placing the c-ring around the penis and scrotum, your package is lifted up and forward creating a more pronounced bulge. C-rings can  provide better sexual performance as well making erections harder and  longer lasting. 

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