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Men's Horizontal Fly Boxer Brief

Men's Horizontal Fly Boxer Brief

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Style: Men's Boxer Briefs with Horizonal Fly
Gender: Male
Sizing: Asian Sizing. Size up 2 sizes for US/EU
Rise: Mid-Rise
Brand: Adannu
Pattern: Solid colors with contrasting mesh pocket and waistband.
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Features: It's probably the second most asked question we get here at Frundies. Do most guys point their penis up or down in their underwear? While it's really a matter of personal preference, most traditional "pouch-less" designs can be worn either way. Designs with a comfort pouch are usually designed to be worn with the penis pointing downwards. This boxer brief features an innovative mesh pouch to support your cojones while allowing your John Thomas to comfortably point upwards. Best of all it includes a horizonal fly for easy access. So go ahead boys and aim for the stars!

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Customer Reviews

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Horizontal fly

You should make horizontal fly longer, because as you know men have erections during the day, it's too short to fit penis inside.Longer horizontal fly would be more comfortable to fit it better and would be more comfortable for men. It is very important aspect for men take it in consideration.

Need 10x normal size

In most boxers I'm a U.S. size M/L. According to the size chart I'm a U.S. M and need a size XL in order to fit correctly. After trying them on I would need at least a 5XL for them to fit enough to be wearable on a daily basis. Tight in the waist, the leg openings stretch to the point the legs are no longer legs, and fortunately there's mesh vents because there no room to breath down there. I consider myself average to slightly larger in the lower extremities and with everything tucked in place facing up I'm most definitely no longer withing the confines of the boxers. The material is soft and they have potential but definitely need to figure out the sizing.

No more ball sweat

I'm a fly guy so, so the vertical fly appealed to my. It is much easier to manage and side fly IMHO. The bonus is the mesh around your ball sack. Really helps with those Schweddy Balls. ;)

Pointin Up

Luv these. Feel great if you like to point the D up!

Jason S

I've tried other pouch briefs, but they all seem to be designed for guys who point their junk downwards. I prefer to adjust myself pointing upwards. The pocket on these works perfect for this and still leaves room for the boys down below.