Men's Multi-Fly Brief w/ Dual Pouch

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Style: Men's Brief Underwear
Gender: Male
Material: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex
Pattern: Solid Color with Silver Waistband
Sizing: Asian Sizing. Size up 1-2 Sizes for US/EU
Rise: Mid-rise
Functional Fly: Yes - Multi Access Front Sheath
Features: You asked for it, so we've brought the innovation of the mutli-fly dual pouch boxer brief in a low-rise men's brief.

Let's start with the fly. A recent Frundies poll concluded that over 80% of men don't use the front fly in their underwear. Most men simply find it easier to pull down the waistband. We thought it was time to rethink the design of the traditional underwear fly.  The result, a front fly that provides easy access from both the left and right sides as well as over the top. So whether your right or left handed or simply to prefer to go "over the fence" with your willy, this brief is for you.

But they didn't stop there. One of the biggest requests we get from men here at Frundies is for underwear that will keep them cool down below. Let's face it, ball sweat isn't fun. We sell a variety of mesh under that definitely helps improve airflow, but that's only half of the battle. In regular underwear your twig and berries are confined together causing a build up of heat. These briefs are dual pouch underwear. Meaning, that they have a separate "ball pouch" made from breathable mesh and a front sheath for your trouser snake. This double pouch design keeps heat (and sweaty balls) away and also allows the wearer to comfortably position themselves up or down..... brilliant! 

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